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Unlocking flexibility without sacrificing coordination
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DevOps is a mindset, a culture, and a set of principles and technical practices that deliver value faster, routinely and reliably.  It provides communication, integration, automation, and close cooperation among all the people needed to plan, develop, test, deploy, release, and maintain a solution.  DevOps and the Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) creates the foundation that enables Enterprises to release value, in whole or in part, at any time to meet customer and market demand.

We enable Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) through well established Agile software development practices and tools, testing and DevOps solution that empowers your product with value consistency and highest quality.

While it is easy to agree that Release on Demand is the goal, creating the competency to reliably and skillfully release value whenever desired is hard work. It involves embracing the DevOps mindset and culture and creating an increasingly automated Continuous Delivery Pipeline (Continuous Explorarion-CE, Continuous Integration-CI, and Continuous Deployment-CD).  
SAFe Continuous Devlivery Pipeline
Being experts in Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD), we help organizations accelerate strategic business operations through support from high performing and technical Agile teams.

A key component of DevOps is CI/CD Pipeline or Deployment Pipeline.  It automates things like: Builds, Tests, Security Scans, and Deployments to environments like staging and production.  You can control some of Pipeline steps to be Manual, such as Deployment to Production.
Bitbucket Pipeline
Jira can be configured to display data from many CI/CD tools, such as Bitbucket Pipelines, CircleCI, Jenkins, and Azure DevOps.
Bitbucket Pipelines is a CI/CD tool in Bitbucket.
Integrate security into development with Snyk
Even small vulnerabilities can cost a team a lot.  All too frequently we see news reports of organisations that mishandled their code & build level security, causing customer data to be exposed. The high publicity of these mistakes proves that security is now table-stakes in the DevOps world.
Today, teams need to be able implement a security-first mindset without slowing down their development velocity.  

Around 90% of applications contain open source packages and 70% of these have at least one security flaw. Combine that with a 250% increase in open source vulnerabilities over the past 3 years, and it's clear that security is non-negotiable within the world of DevOps.  Our experts will help you to start your journey to see risks that exist in your dependency files code base and container images, so you can resolve them before they are escalated by your security team. For the security analysts on your team, they'll be able to get visibility into existing vulnerabilities and open-source license issues, so they can better prioritize what needs to get resolved.

Built-in Quality Pratices for TeamsBuilt-in Quality Practices for Teams
Agile quality practices apply to every team, whether business or technology:
  • Establish Flow
  • Peer Review and Pairing
  • Collective Ownership and Standards
  • Automation
  • Definition of Done

We at VTPMO firmly believe in the Agile testing best practices as part of DevOps.  We include software quality practices (most inspired by XP) like, Agile testing, test-driven development (TDD), behavior-driven development (BDD), refactoring, code quality, security scanning, compliance validation, and Agile architecture.  We coach the teams to agree on the "Definition of Done" including all necessary Quality Practices and Automations such as:
  • Functional Test
  • User Interface (UI) Test
  • Security Test
  • Performance Test
  • QA Test
  • Compliance Test
  • End-to-end Test
  • Regresssion Test
This way, the program receives early feedback on the degree to which the team’s compliance activities are being met and, conversely, how those activities may be impacting team performance.
Our QA consulting Services involves interviewing the key stakeholders, analyzing the current QA workflow and practices, determining opportunities, establish roadmaps and solution proposition as well as providing a full fledged technical support and maintenance services.
Test Automation
Our team of highly skilled automation engineers have experience in various QA automation, performance testing, security testing and functional testing. Our professional approach all throughout the Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) facilitates in enhancing the product quality and development experience.
Deployments and Release ManagementDeployments and Release Management
Our teams involves in Application deployment automation , Infrastructure provisioning and end-to-end infrastructure management, Test and QA automation, code quality control automation and log tracking and management. We take care of release management, continuous deployment, replica environment, new server setup, change management and performance optimization on an ongoing basis.
DevOps isn’t bought, it’s built
How developers can ship quality code faster with Atlassian solutions
Increased collaboration can come at a cost to developers. Instead of coding and building innovative solutions, developers can end up spending a big chunk of their day integrating multiple tools, updating work status, and sharing it with other teams. According to the recent DevOps Trends Survey conducted by Atlassian, more than 80% of developers state that disconnected tools, manual processes, and constantly changing collaboration processes are getting in the way.
The path to DevOps is a matter of when, not if - but there are still significant obstacles along the way
Executive Summary
Executive Summary Report about DevOps
The Positive Impacts of DevOps
The Positive Impacts of DevOps
However, most face issues with DevOps implementation
However, most face issues with DevOps implementation

Atlassian’s new features, automations and integrations for DevOps help developers take back their time and ship code faster. Teams benefit from less context switching, fewer meetings, and fewer pings from IT about security incidents. We’re helping developers focus on their code as we uniquely connect development, IT operations, and business teams with automation that spans our products and third-party tools. With Jira as the backbone and ultimate source of truth, Atlassian unifies all of DevOps work and reduces collaboration overload.
Expertise in Development Tools and Continuous Delivery Pipeline Best Practices
Enabling our customers to build applications that are fast, robust and scalable. We integrate Atlassian tools to your DevOps needs setting you on a roadmap of technology and business Agility innovation, while maintaing Scaled Agile and DevOps best practices for continuous value delivery goals.
Over 1000 add-ons can be integrated with Atlassian cloud products to ensure the best DevOps or DevSecOps solutions at scale.

Expertise in Development Tools and Continuous Delivery Pipeline Best Practices
GitLab and Jira Integration
Jira is an amazing tool for work management and GitLab is the DevOps platform of choice for many developers. Together they bring planning and development under one roof to connect teams and achieve full visibility, ultimately reducing time to value.
The integration of these powerful tools keeps visibility and collaboration high while keeping complexity and security risk low. A single Continuous Delivery Pipeline is possible with GitLab and Jira.
Why Integrate GitLab with Jira
  • Minimize technology complexity and reduce security risk
  • Keep your data where you want it
  • Keep the tools your team wants
  • Accelerate time to value
  • Get full visibility into the software dev pipeline
Our DevOps experts will help you to integrate Bitbucket Pipeline with third party tools of your choice, including but not limited to

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DevOps Is and Is Not
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